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Some of the blossoms have five petals opening to pollinators and bright yellow stamens offering pollen to the world. Others have lost their petals and their stamens have reddened, no longer singing to the bees.

I want to share what I see. I’m always hoping that someone else will get it. That my exploration will also be communication, existing in an overlapping sphere of perception and awareness. I sometime fail, and so a brilliant silence is held in my heart.

IMG_0305IMG_0303IMG_0302Everyday could be earthday, just like everyday could be mother’s day. Since we don’t always remember to honor the essential, might as well have days set aside to come back to the biggest truths. Thank you earth, water, sky and  all living beings that make up this beautiful planet. Thank you earth for giving us life and supporting us every minute of every day.

IMG_0076DSCN3895 Away along the rivers and creeks I saw living beings I rarely see or  I’ve never seen before; I took a lot of photographs. IMG_0130 There is a feeling of “capturing” what is photographedDSCN3846 …at times it can feel as if what counts is the photo, more than the actual experience of what is seen. IMG_0303 IMG_0297My deepest and most memorable experiences have no photo, and I don’t think that is a coincidence. On an island surrounded by creeks I lay on the soft moss covered branch of a live oak tree. I felt my body and the tree meld. I could have stayed all day in that soft embrace, held by the tree, by the earth. IMG_0296I saw many bottlenose dolphins surface for air alongside the sailboat,IMG_0181 I tried to photograph them…there are some photos… but…one night I awoke, hearing dolphins breathing alongside the boat. I went out into the dark night sky,  the sleeping dolphin breath and gentle darkness filled me…..   Body and earth, sky and sea. We are we.


How do find warmth together while being free to fly? Can we have independence as individuals and interdependent unity?  Psychology perceives great importance in the boundaries we create, and the distinct self we affirm. Ecology perceives a huge interdependence between individual organisms, and even within individual organisms. I am a believer of psychology and a believer of ecology....

What is an individual? If even our skin is permeable and we are gut is a host of communities of bacteria whom we depend on to survive... What is you? Or me? Maybe it's all we.

(Shelf fungus growing on tree, fruiting bodies merge, spores inside pores, looking like a colony of coral.)

Are we really on our own in this world? Do we really die alone? Maybe however separate we feel, however thick our shell, however internal we go, there are always kindred spirits surrounding us.