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In cold dark times the seeds and spores are hiding in wait… the deep darkness is fertile. Moisture, warmth and light arrive as the sun nears. The trees’ seeds begin to germinate and the mosses capsules get ready to release the spores of spring. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

The story unfolds revealing all kinds of surprises. But if you don’t look around for a week or two in May, you miss it. This May I was obsessed with tree blossoms. One day I ran excitedly from Beech flower to flower; for the first time in my life I saw their bloom. At first I didn’t understand what I was seeing… many flowers hanging down and one pom pom like flower coming up in the other directions. Then I got it: The male flowers drooped down and the females flowers bloomed upward, pistils to the sky.



What is romance? Do there need to be people around for romance to exist? Does love exist in the botanical or astronomical world? Here's to the romance of trees and sky and moon. Happy Valentine's Day!

What could I learn from the milkweed pod in Winter. Patience perhaps. Seeds like aspirations are warm and protected while they develop and deepen. When they are ready and the ground is fertile, and there is a strong flow of wind or movement, , they fly free, land, take root and grow!,


Fur and bark unite, heart beats and sap flows, nostrils and lenticels allow air to flow... two beings touching eachother's lives