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Thanks to the Boston Mycology Club and our fearless leader, Lawrence Millman, sixteen of us braved cold air and strong winds to see all kinds of fungi that are able to survive the drying cold winds. Most, like this Olive-toothed Polypore, inhabit wood. Wood holds more moisture than the ground does, and the real challenge of freezing temperatures and cold winds is the lack of moisture *( *Lawrence Millman)

In frigid temperatures, sixteen Boston Mushroom Club members went out in search of winter fungi. Larry Millman, our leader, seemed impervious to the cold: his hands bare, while my mittened hands felt frost-bitten. We looked at all sorts of amazing organisms and learned about their lives. The Japanese Fan, pictured below lives all over the world. It grows on wood and after drying up in the freezing temperatures (it’s the dryness that is the real problem) it is able to rehydrate.

Japanese Fan detached from host log (not by me!)

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Chanukah! In appreciation and memory of all of the turkeys that have become a part of a celebration, and of the people who celebrate.

“Turkey Tail” fungi growing on a fallen tree.