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Last Sunday I hiked through a hemlock forest to a sunny hilltop. I looked at one oak tree and saw many inhabitants. There was a hole with mysterious scat, many lichens, some fungi, and inside a crevice there was a group of beetles sheltered from the cold. They appeared to be dark fireflies. Similar to light producing fireflies but with no light producing organs, these beetles live through the Winter. A tree is more than a tree. We are all more than ourselves.


Photo by Rebecca Arnoldi

Norther Pintail IMG_1223

DSCN3364 DSCN3365

together and separate


Yesterday was a foggy day out by the bay. I thought to myself, “Is there any true separation between sand, sea and sky?”

Are we really on our own in this world? Do we really die alone? Maybe however separate we feel, however thick our shell, however internal we go, there are always kindred spirits surrounding us.